SOLD !!!!! 1E30264

Original south Californian LHD  S1 4.2 Coupe. Off the road in 82 and imported to Europe in 2004


The 4.2 was the improved version of the 3.8. Production started in August 64 with fully synchronizes 4 speed gear box, more comfortable seats, larger 4.2 engine and some other features to make it a great touring car.

This is no 264 of only 4582 car build. Almost impossible to find a ’64 4.2 S1 E Type

Engine, body and frame matching no.

Stainless steel exhaust and Hye-dra  SS rear brakes.

1-2-3 ignition, increased ventilation, recent IRS overhaul

Starts, runs and brakes great, perfect oil pressure and compression, no leakage, dry engine.

Comes with very desirable spare parts book, service manual, Heritage Certificate, MOT in Germany and a large binder of invoices and pics from the last 10 years.

New MOT (TÜV) in May 2015 in Germany




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